Things To Take On Your Honeymoon

A romantic honeymoon is every girl’s dream. After a beautiful wedding what the couple mostly look forward to is the honeymoon since well, obvious reasons. To make it the perfect trip you can check online for hotels that offers modern and comfortable accommodation and you should take the perfect things with you. You do not want to ruin it just because you left something very special at home right? So here are a few things that every bride should take on their honeymoon.

Your packing list will depend on the place you are planning to go to. You should know choose them out wisely. Apart from the obvious items such as lingerie, there are many more items that brides forget to take with them. What mostly happens is that the couple is so busy planning the wedding that they completely forget the honeymoon. So plan ahead and put these items to your checklist. 

You need to take a good outfit for a romantic dinner. Amazing Byron Bay hostels give complementary dinners in a romantic setting. You do not want to walk into the restaurant wearing just a pair of shorts and a top. So make sure you take a formal dress with a touch of sassy to give your husband a little teasing.

Scents can make a major impact on people. If you have that special perfume that he always loves and recognizes, don’t forget to pack it. Also if you wore it on your wedding day, that would be an added advantage. It would create wonderful memories.

To set the romantic mood, you can make your own playlist of his favourite love songs. Take a portable mini speaker in case the hotel does not have. You can even take it to the beach or on a private cruise. Along with that you will need a mini cooler to store a few soft drink or wine bottles to sip when watching the sun set together. Also if you both are fond of reading, pack yours and his favourite magazines.

Birth control is the next important item. The last thing you need is to accidently get pregnant when you and your husband are not at all ready for it. It is no harm to not want kids as soon as you get married. You two deserve some alone time together. Along with birth control, pack a trusted pregnancy test kit such as a Clear Blue pregnancy test kit. If you feel like something went wrong and you have no clinics to go to, this pregnancy kit will be of great use.

Well, if your Clear Blue pregnancy test did not give you positive results, your honeymoon is still not over. There’s a lot more. Pack surprise lingerie for the last night of the honeymoon to make it as special as the first. Also do not forget to take some comfortable clothes to wear on the way home.

If you have these few things with you, you can have a romantic, problem free honeymoon. The last thing you want is to run back home after something goes wrong. So be prepared and make your honeymoon the most memorable trip ever.