Parking Your Caravan in The Right Way


Are you preparing to go on a holiday in your caravan? Well, you might want to think about practicing your skills in parking and reversing the vehicle. These are two very important talents you need to have. Try taking it for a small drive around your block. As you go, look for spots where you can practice your reversing until you feel confident that you are able to. The best place to do this is an empty lot if you can find it. If you want to practice your parking, look for empty car parks in stores where caravans are allowed to park. If you have always had trouble with reversing, try printing out a sheet that will remind you of what to do so that you won’t have to worry about it later. You can keep this cheat sheet in the glove compartment or even hanging above you for easy reference should you need it at any point.

Look For Easy Parking Spots

When parking a caravan in the city or in crowded places, you need to look for spots where you can easily move in and out. You need to be able to open the caravan windows and doors without too much trouble either, or you will struggle when leaving. This might be a little difficult, especially on a busy day when parking is full. Also make sure that the place you are parking it in has permission for caravans to park there. There are a few lots all over the place that don’t allow large vehicles to part.

For the most part, there are caravan parking sites scattered around and near major town centers, allowing you to park there and take a short walk down to the store. If you happen to have a large caravan accessorised with solar panels like a green motor home, remember that it may be classified as a heavy vehicle, leading to some state restrictions being applicable too.

Parking Is Never Easy, But…

It isn’t impossible. Sure, making it so that your caravan doors and windows are free of obstructions and dangers might not be the easiest task. However, with the right type of focus being given to the parking you should be fine.

If it is at all possible, try to reverse into a parking spot instead of driving into it. This is good for busy parking lots because you won’t have to reverse out into oncoming traffic when you are done with your stopover and are ready to leave.