Planning for a trip will always have a sense of mystery and excitement, and everyone wants to be absolutely amazed when they set foot in their destination. This is true when the surprise is a good one but, no one ever wants that surprise to leave them thinking “oh good god, what have I done”. This especially applies to accommodation. Even if you are a fan of roughing it and pay dirt cheap prices, no one wants their choice to be less than expected but with today’s online marketing world, this sometimes happens. Online reservations are a two-sided coin, you have a wider selection of accommodation to choose from in different price ranges but on the other side, since you don’t physically see the place, you have to really on photography and that can lead to quite a bit of misrepresentation. So today we have some tips you can use when looking for a place to say online.

First thing is that you need to know your market, price range and geographical. Do a bit of research and figure out which area would suit you best, old city charm, night life or heart of the city. Once you de that do a rough search on the prices during the time you wish to visit. You have a wide variety to choose from airport express hotel to B&B’s and make sure to figure out what exactly you are looking for. Once your recon is done, you have a very good idea on what you can expect, and what a good deal is. This will allow you make a smart choice when actually making a reservation. 

One main way to find a reputed accommodation online is through booking sites, they are a god send with some flaws though- anything can look good on paper. But, how to make sure paper and reality match is through reviews. This is where the travelling community unites, almost anyone who travels will leave some sort of review online which in turn is very helpful to the skeptical traveler back home. These reviews are sometimes the key in selecting the right choice. A place that has multiple reviews, mostly positive, is always a good choice. A mix of good and bad will give you a realistic idea. But if a place has virtually no reviews, take the hint and make for the hills. Whether it is the best and most affordable service apartments hotel Hong Kong you have seen, if the reviews aren’t good, the place won’t be either. But, remember everything must be taken with a pinch of salt, there are people who are just making life difficult for others. So, make sure to check if your reviewer isn’t an internet troll.

Accommodation hunting is never easy but now it has been made a bit easier thanks to the internet. A bad choice of accommodation has the ability to make or break the vacation sometimes. So, next time you are looking for accommodation, use these tips and separate the good from the bad.

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